Quick answers to the most common questions
What is Crypto Arsenal?
Crypto-Arsenal is a cloud-based automated crypto-trading platform for quantitative strategy developers and traders.
How Crypto-Arsenal Works?
Crypto-Arsenal is built for quantitative strategy developers and cryptocurrency traders, which makes the two type of cryptocurrency holders can acquire their needs on one platform. Developers can earn extra income by letting other traders use the strategy. And traders without programming capability can get the benefits of automated trading by sharing some profits to developers.
What services can I get as a strategy developer?
As a strategy developer, you can choose to create your strategy on cloud or local side, and validate it by backtesting and simulation, all in our integrated development environment. Besides make your own profits with your own strategy, you will be shared some percentage of profits from other traders if they gain profits with your strategy.
What services can I get as a cryptocurrency trader?
As a cryptocurrency trader, you can select strategies from Battlefield according to the performance index which you value . You are able to backtest and simulate the strategy with your preferred options including the exchanges, pairs and time period. Eventually, enjoy the fun and earn profits by live trading.
Why should I choose Crypto-Arsenal rather than other cloud services?
The number of cryptocurrency holder increased sharply in these two years. Almost all the holders hope to earn profits by trading cryptos. However, many of them are not able to program trading strategies as well as keep an eye on cryptocurrency market anytime. But they want to manage and invest cryptocurrency by quantitative strategy, too. Most of the charged services now are targeted on developers who are acquainted with trading and programming knowledges. Other traders have no access to quantitative trading. Therefore, We hope to provide equitable solutions and reasonable prices to both developers and traders. (The present services can be divided into two groups — one group is easy to learn but with lower profitability; another might be more profitable but hard to learn. Therefore, we decided to focus on easy-learning and provable profitability and came out the idea that let the professionals do the professional things and traders trade without pressures. )
Which exchanges are connected to Crypto-Arsenal?
We are currently working with Binance, Bitfinex, Bitget, OKX, Crypto.com.
How to create a new strategy in Crypto-Arsenal? Can I call external libraries in my strategy?
We provide both cloud and local strategy developments. You can create strategies with JavaScript or Python and call TA-lib on the platform. Or you may want to develop and run your strategies on the local server you've built up, sharing only the trading signals to our platform for live trading.
If I connect my exchange account, does it mean you can control all of my money?
No, it doesn't. The strategy only works on your account with the amount of money that you specified in a live trading settings. And your assets in exchange won't be withdraw or exchange in any way during the time there's no trade in your account.
If I create a new strategy on the platform which is profitable, will you take advantage of it?
No, we won't. Our revenue comes from monthly/annual subscription fee in the future not user's strategy. It's our responsibility to keep strategy developer's intellectual property safe. With no access to customers' secrets and weapons, we are like an arsenal where you can create, sharpen and store the weapons with our tools.

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