Trade by Pros and for Pros!

Cloud-based automated crypto-trading platform for quantitative strategy developers and traders

Our Solution


With our one-shot strategy development environment including cloud-based and remote IDE, backtesting database, API connection to exchanges, and proprietary 'Strategy Bot Engine', you focus on the trading logic, we do the rest.


With TA-Lib for JavaScript and Python, applicable for single-pair, multi-pair and margin trading, you are able to create your winning strategies. The best of all, with machine learning models* , your strategies can be enabled with prediction capability. *will be available soon.


BATTLEFIELD is the place where strategies compete with each other, you can freely select the most effective one with proven records for your own backtesting or simulation before live-trading, and without being charged in advance.


Split some percentage of profits to strategy developers if their strategies make profits for you. Whenever the strategy reaches the take-profit point you set before, pre-deposit cryptos are automatically transferred to strategy developers through Smart Contract or CA-Wallet.


You will get CA Token as a reward for your contributions to Crypto-Arsenal community whenever submitting strategies for competition and sharing your backtesting or simulation reports for reference.
Develop, backtest, simulate and live-trade your algorithmic trading strategies on the cloud.
Share and monetize them with clicks.

Local Strategy

Develop and run your strategies on the local sever you've built up, share only the trading signals to our platform for backtesting, simulation or live trading.

Encrypted Binary Code

You can upload binary codes(.pyc) to our platform when using Python to develop your trading strategies. And we scramble them with encrypted algorithm to keep your intellectual property safe.


You can examine the algorithm of strategy with up-to-date historical market data. With statistic index and graph calculated by our system, you can easily validate new trading concepts or ideas of your strategies.


Deploy your strategy into real market with virtual assets before a live-trading. You can decide the next step of your trade or strategy according to the performance.

Live Trade

After gaining enough confidence about strategies by backtesting and simulation, it's time to launch a trading bot for live-trading. With 'StrategyBot Engine', we dynamically allocate computing power to reduce your trading latency.

Live Dashboard and Report

Monitoring all your crypto assets in different exchanges and performance of adopted strategies with a personalized dashboard makes your life easy and fun.